Dianne Coulter

Is a friend; and a considerable artist. You'll find some of her work by following the links on the left, and the beginnings of text, even though...

Patrick Heron, a noted artist in the UK, was of the opinion that works of art should never be reproduced. That the only true experience was to experience the original.

He's right, of course. What you'll see here is really just a pale imitation of the impact these works have when you see them in life.

Guard Dog
Di's work is big (you'll have to imagine that) and in heavy, touchable, textures (imagine away).

If you get in touch, we'll arrange to show you the works the way they should be seen.

Pete the Builder

Peter Lethwaite has been responsible for much of the work done around here. He's very good at what he does and no hardship to have in your house. He's good value. You'll find some of his work here