This is the house that Pete built (well, one of them). It's a warehouse conversion. The fit-out was designed by Pete and he was also responsible for all the painting, plastering, tiling and carpentry. Other trades worked at his direction.

Pete's still on:
0418 131 944

So. There you go. The house that Pete built.
Here we are ... Floorplan by Pete. He wanted a sense of privacy as you enter; which then opens out to the open spaces that warehouse conversions are good at. Herewith: the sense of space in the downstairs sitting room. The floor is polished concrete. Another angle. Although it's not that obvious in this photo, the sense of space is added to by the void above. Still on the lower level, this is the main bedroom. Lots of wardrobe space and a compact ensuite. All you need, really. A proper bathroom. Tiles and cabinetary by Pete. There's a laundry over the wall. The stairs take you up to the main living, dining and kitchen areas. Floorboards (and just about everything else) by Pete. Looking back the way you came. The kitchen cabinets were designed by Pete, made by others and installed by Pete. Lots of storage below and in the pantry/refrigerator alcove against the far wall. Looking toward the balcony from the kitchen area. It faces west, so the awning's an essential. It's a magic spot for a chat or a ponder at sunset.